Feeding your body and mind are vital to your success and well-being. Find a book and get reading. Talk to someone about the big ideas in the book. Write a review or a blog comment and take the first step to improving the new you.
What do you want to achieve? When do you want to achieve it? Find the book that helps you to know how. Decide what service you are willing to provide to achieve your goals. The Thinking story is a good book. It demonstrates how easy it is to get your mind working and making decisions based on common sense and reasoning skills. 
When you know how to think and make decisions you are on your way to success. Why do you have the views you have? Do you know where your ideas come from? This book asks what you would rather be and your challenge is to convince the other person of your view or they will convince you. 



    Hi,I am Amy, mom, writer,coach and trainer. I love sharing great ideas, resources and books. Welcome!


    October 2016